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Workplace Violence Prevention Tips

In the post  “Workplace Violence: Forget the Myths and Get the Facts” I highlighted that every employer, no matter the size of the company, needs to prepare and think proactively  as it relates to violence in the workplace.

Today’s follow up post is a quick laundry list of 7 steps to consider when dealing with workplace violence:

1. Create and share your harassment and violence policies, including appropriate disciplinary measures
2. Train all employees on ways to prevent, detect and report violent acts.

3. Enable employees to report suspicious activity anonymously.

4. Connect with support services for victims of violence.

5. Assess the level of physical security for each work site.

6. Construct and practice a crisis response plan.

7. Develop trust and respect among all coworkers.


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Dianne Shaddock

President and Founder at Easy Small Business HR
Get more tips on interviewing, hiring, managing and engaging your employees. Dianne Shaddock is the President of Easy Small Business HR, Employee Hiring and Managing Tips and the author of the eGuides, "How To Supervise:  What Your Boss Never Told You Before You Took the Job", A Step-By-Step Guide For New and Seasoned Managers and How To Find and Hire the Best Employees.

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