New Hire Paperwork Checklist: Important Forms Not To Overlook

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New Hire Checklist

The following are a list of documents that you should have on file for every new employee. The amount of time that businesses should keep these documents may vary from state to state.

  • Resume or Job application
  • Federal and State Tax Forms
  • Employment Eligibility Form, (I-9)

Resumes/Job Application

Having a resume or a job application on file is not a legal requirement, but a best business practice as it will be important to have a record of your employees’ experience for the job that they were hired for.

Federal and State Tax Forms

Employers are required to submit federal tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service for employees on the staff payroll.  State tax form requirements vary from state to state.  To learn more about federal tax form requirements go to

A handy site to review and download federal tax forms is

The Federation of Tax Administrators, (FTA) is a great resource if you are looking for downloadable state tax forms for your specific state.

Employment Eligibility Form, (I-9)

Employers are required to verify that al employees hired in the U.S. are eligible to work in this country.  The I-9 form meets this federal requirement by requiring employers to obtain verification of citizenship by asking new hires to provide specific documents like a U.S. passport.  Learn more about these requirements and download the I-9 form at .

Depending on your business, there may be additional forms that you may choose to create that are specific to your company which will enhance your record keeping and employee tracking goals:

  • Direct Deposit Forms
  • New Employee Orientation/On-boarding Checklist
  • Confidentiality or Conflict of Interest Agreement
  • Performance Review Form

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea that  having a variety of forms will make your business more of a bureaucracy by adding forms that you don’t need.  Start with the basics and only add additional forms if it makes sense for your business.

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