• Employee and Employer Views Vary When It Comes To Stress at Work
    It seems that phrases like “workplace stress” and “work life balance” are just buzzwords that have no real meaning or applicability for organizations – that is, until you start looking at workplace stress statistics. Read more...
  • When Being Culturally Sensitive Does Not Matter
    I have had the opportunity to consult and partner with a variety of smart, business savvy managers in my career as an HR professional. Read More...
  • Attention New Supervisors: 5 Things You Should Never Do If You Want To Be Successful
    New to supervising staff? You’ll want to read and put into practice these five success tips: Read more...
  • Mitigating Exposure To Employee Harassment Claims
    New statistics released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) present a somewhat mixed outlook for employers on the harassment front. Read more...
  • When Employees Cross The Line - Managing Boundaries With Staff
    When you have specific business goals or practices that require uniformity so that the work gets done, there are times when not following the rules can impact the quality of the work, affect employee morale, or cost the company money. Read more...

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