• The Tax Implications of Giving Staff Holiday Gifts
    The holiday season is traditionally a time when many employers hand out cash bonuses, awards and non-monetary gifts to employees. Read more...
  • A Succession Planning Strategy Does Not Need To Be Complicated - Cross Training Is a Good Start
    In order to be competitive, it is integral for employers to have staff with the appropriate level of expertise that will keep the company performing at its highest capacity. Read more...
  • Can’t We All Just Get Along? Managing Feuding Employees
    Imagine a world where people always said “please” and “thank you”. Read more...
  • Balancing Business Needs with Empathy During Time of Grief
    The mantra to keep your personal life separate from your job is an old school belief that doesn’t always apply to the realities of the modern workplace. Read more...
  • Parallels Between The Ice Bucket Challenge and Employee Engagement
    Many of us were affected in some way by the ice bucket fundraising challenge for a little known disease, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Read more...

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