• Persuasion Management - Influencing Staff Who Don't Report To You To Help You Accomplish Your Goals
    Some may argue that delegating and influencing employees that do not have a direct reporting line to you is much more difficult than managing direct reports. Read more...
  • California Employers: Learn From These Recent Court Decisions
    California employers would do well to pay attention to a flurry of Supreme Court decisions dealing with employment law over the past year. The decisions touch upon a broad range of issues and effect privately held companies, publicly traded organizations and government agencies. Read more...
  • The $60K Comment – A Lesson for Employers
    Employers take note: Inappropriate comments can cost you.
  • 13 Questions Employers Should Ask Before Deciding to Terminate: A Quick and Dirty Cheat Sheet
    Are you faced with the possibility of terminating your employee? Here’s a quick list of items that you will want to consider before taking the leap towards termination: Read more...
  • The Toll That Sleep Deprivation Takes on Employee Productivity and Safety [Statistics]
    Your employees are exhausted. The Virgin Pulse Institute in conjunction with vielife conducted a research study on the impact that lack of sleep has on employee productivity. Read more...

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